Company Name - Balancing Mind, Body & Spirit with Sound
"I love how you can hear when there is a blockage and sometimes you can feel it. It really does help me relax and when a blockage is found you know around what age it happened."
Maria Porter, 
Cold Mountain Massage

"I had a very painful elbow injury. I had one sound session and the pain cleared completely. I highly recommend sound balancing with Robin Farrar."

Jessica Chickering, 
Misty Rose Arabians 

"Sound Balancing with Robin was a very intense experience. What I encountered as a result of the treatments was an overall sense of calmness. I had been having lower back issues and ankle pain after receiving sound balancing the pain was significantly reduced..Menstrual issues balanced out and, I became more focused, positive, and motivated. I immediately slept better that first night..The effects that I felt have continued for a month now, and I have been so intrigued by them that I am going back for a tune up."

Lauri Ellis, 
Spirit Mountain Herbals

"I was amazed at the accuracy of the sound treatment I received from Robin Farrar. Each time the sound moved into a different chakra, I felt changes consistent with the energy of that chakra, and I reflected those changes in my mental state also. I didn't even think this was possible!" 

Melinda Swearingen,

"I had a sound healing with Robin and it was such an amazing experience I was curious if any of it would help my horse. She is a 12 year Thoroughbred cross who I am rehabbing. She had been used as a surrogate for other mares and besides her physical issues--neck, spinal, pelvic and muscular--she has some spiritual wounds to heal as well. We decided to try the tuning forks on her. As soon as Robin put her hands on Margarita, her head relaxed and her eyes half closed. Robin started with the lowest frequency fork to see how Margarita would respond. It was clear immediately that she was responsive so Robin worked her way up to a higher frequency fork. Each time she hit a spot that needed attention, Margarita would turn her head as if to say "yes, that's it!" Then her head would drop and her eyes would close. I was amazed at how well she responded. I have had massage and myofascial release done on Margarita and have never seen her respond to anything else so profoundly!"

Rebecca Carner,
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