Company Name - Balancing Mind, Body & Spirit with Sound
Welcome to In Tune Sound Balancing


 Sound balancing can help reduce or,eliminate pain, anxiety, emotional imbalances, and other stress related disorders and, bring you back to a calm and balanced mind and body.
In Tune Sound Balancing uses the audible and inaudible frequencies of sound produced by tuning forks Tibetan bowls,gongs and many other drone instruments to treat the electrical system of the body.  

The electrical system of the body has a natural flow and balance.  Physical, mental, or emotional stress can cause dysfunction and block that flow and balance.  Sound balancing is used to detect and correct dysfunction of the electrical system, the "noise in the signal", and helps to diminish symptoms of stress and pain.  

Sound balancing is a non-invasive modality that has immediate,and long term effects.  An overall calm and feeling of total relaxation is a typical response following treatment. 

In Tune Sound Balancing strives to help you meet your goals toward balancing your health and well being, and with a variety of packages to choose from we will help your body return to its natural flow and balance. For more information on Biofield Tuning and my listing go to,

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